Credit Co-Operative Society Software

Pixyrs is one of the leading software companies in India that provides online based Credit Co-Operative Society Software i.e. built mainly for Credit Societies with regular entry of data to accounts section. Pixyrs Softech is a .NET based centralized database build up for Credit Societies with core banking operations such as Daily Deposit Schemes, Fixed Deposit, Monthly Income Schemes, Loan to Customers, Dividend declarations, Recurring Deposits, etc. Pixyrs manages all the Members details. Pixyrs manages all types of accounts such as Current A/c, Saving A/c, RD A/c, FD A/c, DDS A/c. Pixyrs manages all management of Pass book, Cheque book and Bond. Pixyrs manages all type of operations such as loans, Loan Printing Ledger, Interest Calculations Automatically.

Pixyrs has included General Accounting Module with Journal Entries, Balance Sheet Cash-Bank Book, General Ledgers, Day Book, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement, Fix Deposit, etc. Fully protected database with function based protection implementations.

A credit cooperative is an authorized entity that is owned and proscribed by its society members. Society Members often have a close relationship with the enterprise as manufacturers or customers of its goods, or as its human resources.

Pixyrs is constantly working in web and software development since two years. In that time we have created lots of best design of websites & software, “Credit Cooperative Society Software” is one of them. Before creating this software, our development team study on it in very deep and identify with the concept also. After more examine on that we begin the work to develop the Credit Cooperative Society Software.


  • Member & Share Management
  • Dividend Declaration
  • Compulsory Saving
  • Loan
  • Fixed Deposit
  • General Accounting
  • Saving
  • Recovery Sheet
  • Android / Iphone Application
  • Dynamic Website