Recurring Deposit
Fixed Deposit

The RD FD Software offered by Pixyrs Softech Solutions will offer you a huge numbers of services. It can build the process of contract registration, contract maturity calculation and the calculation of expenses highly speedy and trustworthy. With the assist of this software you can remain an eye on different features or modules of your Company and can build the most precise calculation of them. The estimate calculation will be an incorporated part of your multi level marketing business and here this extraordinary software offered by Pixyrs will make effects very easy for you.

RD (Recurring Deposit) / FD (Fixed Deposit) Software is for recurring and fixed deposits. This is sort types of Mini Banking Software. Here a customer can have a bank account with the company & put the money in the type of fixed deposits or we can say that the amount can be compensated in a single installment to produce with the company while in recurring deposits the similar amount can be paid in numerous but the same installments.

RD FD Features

  • Branch management
  • User Management
  • Cash Management
  • Receipt Management
  • Agent Management
  • RD Plan Configuration
  • User Rights Management
  • MIP Plan Configuration
  • FD Plan Configuration
  • Loan Account
  • Saving Account
  • Bond Printing
  • Check Printing
  • Receipt Printing
  • Branch wise cash reporting
  • Agent system reporting
  • Interest rate Configuration
  • RD payment reminder system
  • Branch Panel configuration
  • Interest Reports
  • Other Features