• Web Technology: Microsoft .Net 4.0 as front End, and MS SQL Server 2012 as Back End.
  • Multi – State- Fin-Fired can manage multiple branches located in various states.
  • Multi – Operator: As Fin-Fired is highly customizable; it can be configured for various operators. This really helps in providing each operator, the required access and permissions.
  • Multi – Agent and Customers: The Fin-Fired is highly robust software and has gone through a rigorous stress and load testing. Hence, several agents or customers can use it simultaneously without facing any kind of performance issues..
  • User Friendly Software: The design is approved by our business experts. And, that is why it is the most user friendly Credit Society management software.
  • Data Security: Our extremely efficient team has achieved highest level of encryption in order to keep all the sensitive data, captured by Fin-Fired, safe and secure.
  • Application Security: Using IP and MAC Address based security to run the system.
  • Verification Process: System for FI verification, document verification, and 4 level verify system
  • Automation: Fin-Fired facilitates automating almost all processes and calculations involved in Credit Society management. It automatically calculates interest rates, loan duration and also generates.
  • Audit Reports: Audits and Audit Reports generation are the most significant processes being conducted in any financial company. And, Fin-Fired is the most adequate software to manage both of them.
  • Document Management: It helps you to manage all sort documentations, store them safely and makes it easier for you to access them as and when required.
  • Accounting: Due the powerful calculation engines, it automatically performs most of the complicated and lengthy calculations involved in the Accounting process.
  • On / Off System: You can enable and disable the features in software as per your needs like Forms, Transactions, Deposits, Branch Login, Website, any registration Etc.

Fin-Fired - Few more reasons to go for it

  • Compatibility

    It is equally compatible with all web and mobile platforms.

  • Customization

    Highest degree of customization can be achieved with Fin-Fired. It can be easily configured based on the requirements and workflow of your company.

  • Highly responsive

    It is being supported by powerful engines for calculation and robust servers for data management. This makes Fin-Fired the most responsive Credit society management software.

  • Localization settings

    It can be configured as per the rules and regulations in different states. It also comes with multiple language support.