Multi State Credit
Co-Operative Society Software

Fin-Fired is a Multi State Credit CoOperative Society Software which allows you to manage all your branches of credit co-operative society using a single software platform. It is works in both online and offline modes and integrates real time features for Micro-finance Credit Society, Multi-branch Credit Society, Multi-state Credit Society, Thrift Credit Society, and many more. This software is built in a modular fashion which allows us to easily modify it according to client requirements.

Some of the features of this software are Process Agreement, Register, Maturity Calculation, Commission Calculation, Payroll Management, Dashboard for Analytics, etc. We have successfully deployed this Credit Co-Operative Multi Branch Management Software for many clients globally which has helped them to grow and efficiently manage their business.

To develop this software, we have combined our technical expertise with the knowledge of financial experts who have been associated with the Banking and Finance industry and are working with us as Financial Consultants. Thus, we have ensured that you get a solution that is fully compliant with government norms and has the potential to carry your business into the digital era with ease and speed.